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5 Common Household Mold Types

Mold is a fungus that arises in cool and damp areas of the house – often in a basement. While some mold can be helpful if used properly, as in the case of penicillin, most household molds are harmful and destructive. The notorious black mold can cause illness and even death. However, it is important to understand and identify the common types of household mold and to keep your house as free of this fungus as possible. Here are five common household mold types that need expedient removal.

Mold in Basement? 5 Common Mold Hiding Spots

Mold. It’s a scourge for homeowners nationwide. It causes health problems, can destroy flooring, clothing, and paint jobs. Basements are a common breeding ground for this black mold, as it likes cool and damp areas. It will make a home in any place it can get a foothold. Here are some of the most common locations mold is found in homes.

5 Household Mold Remedies Before Calling the Pros

Mold is a common problem for many homes. When heavy rain and humidity strike, molds are able to find a foothold in the home. Molds do more than cause unsightly stains and ruin clothing, they can also carry other dangers such as illness that everyone in the household is vulnerable to. There are steps homeowners can take to remedy the problem, or to even prevent mold from growing in the first place. Read on to discover five remedies you can use before you call the mold removal professionals.

5 Tips to Protect Your Home from Flood Damage

A study, released on Monday 7/28/14 by a team of the government climate scientists, revealed that residents who live along the Atlantic coast are in-store for increased flooding in the years to come.  While researching 45 tide gauges, it was determined that flooding was more frequent at 41 stations, and that 28 of the 41 were showing accelerated rates of increase. Most concerning for those of us in the Rochester and WNY region, is that the mid-Atlantic coast reported the most significant flood increase activity.

5 Ways to Make Water Extraction Easier

Water damage can be devastating to a household. The longer water sits around, the higher the chances that mold will begin to spread and cause damage to carpet, flooring, and furniture. While water extraction is not easy, there are ways to expedite the process. This post discusses five ways to rid your home of water after a water mishap.

Basement Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent Flooding

Unless you happen to be a mold spore, nobody likes a flooded basement. Without proper home maintenance, water damage can harm any furniture, carpets, flooring or any stored items in the basement. So, it is vital to make sure that all basements remain dry. However, the question is how to avoid flooding through maintenance in the basement. This post will seek to provide a few solutions for how to prevent flooding in your basement, which will protect your belongings, health, and overall value of your home.

4 Ways to Prevent Basement Mold

Mold is a pernicious pest. It is the curse of basements everywhere and can contribute to a variety of health problems. It also can do permanent damage to furniture, fabrics, and even walls and carpet. Therefore, it is important that every homeowner work to prevent mold outbreaks in their homes. Since basements are most prone to mold, this post addresses how to take care of the problem there.

Why Cleaning Up Black Mold is So Important

Black mold is something of a buzzword in the home improvement and wellness communities. Everyone has advice on how to get rid of it and it is taken as gospel truth that it should be eliminated. However, why is it so important to clean up black mold? Is this more hype than substance? Here are just a few reasons of why it is so important to clean up any black mold in your home.

How to Cleanup After a House Flood or Fire

Water, flood, and fire damage are the lingering effects of what are often major catastrophes. Remediating these issues is sometimes a difficult and time-intensive task. However, trained professionals can expedite the problem, which can be more complex than it might seem on the surface.