Monthly Archive: September 2015

Floor and Carpet Replacement Options After a Flood

Where to start the cleanup process after a flood in your home? The whole house is likely impacted, especially the lower floors and basement. Sometimes flooring can be salvaged and dried. Even hardwood floors can be saved, in some circumstances. However, you may have to replace your floors and carpeting after a flood.

Here are a few options for carpet and floor replacement once water damage has gotten the better of them in your home.

How to Make a Family Disaster Kit for Home Emergencies

No one wants to think about the worst-case scenario. It’s scary and perhaps depressing to consider that a fire, flood, or earthquake could create a home emergency. Those of us who live close to the Pacific Coast even forget about thunderstorms as time passes. However, any high-wind storm can cause a disaster when our favorite old tree falls on the home. Despite the unpleasant nature of this topic, it is vital for families to have a disaster kit. Here are some tips on how to make a family disaster kit for home emergencies.

Best Home Air Purifiers to Combat Pollen, Dust & Smoke

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is coming down with asthma, getting treated for lung disease, and it seems like every other day there is a smog alert.

Pollen, dust, smoke – all potentially harmful emissions that can lead to asthma or a variety of lung diseases, if not handled early enough. Unfortunately, homeowners and families breathe in dirty air on a daily basis with little to no consciousness of their impact in the long-term. To combat against emissions, you should purchase a home air purifier to filter out pollen, dust, smoke, odors, and mold.

Winter Weather Safety Checklist

When winter rolls around, it’s best to be prepared, particularly in upstate New York. The past few winters have brought deep freezes and deep snow drifts, so who knows what this coming winter will bring? There’s nothing worse than being caught with no plan in the case of extreme weather. This post has a few ideas that will have you thinking ahead to keep you and your family safe and warm, all winter long. Make sure to mark off these 3 things from your winter weather safety checklist.