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3 Steps to Drying Water Damaged Carpets

Your carpets are waterlogged. What a mess! You will need to act fast to make sure that they aren’t permanently damaged and that mold does not take hold in your home. This may seem like a problem that is impossible to address, but there are steps you can take to begin drying your carpet immediately after the damaging water event. Keep reading to discover three key tips on┬ásaving your carpets from water damage, and your home from a long-term mold problem!

Identify the Source of the Damage

First, you will need to make sure the problem won’t get any worse. Identify the source of the flooding and make sure there is no more water leaking in the home. You will want to cut the electricity in the room(s) where the damage has occurred. While you are taking care of these things, try to avoid walking on the carpet. Walking on water damaged carpet may exacerbate the problem, so minimize any impact while the carpet is in the early stages of drying. Your best bet is to isolate the area. If the problem is sewer-related, be especially careful, as airborne bacteria may cause even more damage. With that in mind, do not turn a fan and cut off the areas from your HVAC system by shutting the vents.

Call Your Insurance Company

When you have a major water-damage event happen, you will want to contact your insurance company to file a claim. Make sure you are prepared with plenty of photographs, including any that show the source of the problem. Gather any materials you may have to prove that you have taken any preventative measures to ameliorate the problem. For instance, you may need to show that you made good-faith efforts to insulate pipes or to divert water from a slope outside the home. When your insurance company has verified how it will address the claim, you can proceed to call professionals to remediate the water damage. Water damaged carpets should always be dried and cleaned by experienced workers with industry-standard equipment.

Contact a Professional Team

To make sure that your carpets are cleaned as thoroughly as possible, they will need to be treated with professional-grade equipment that can extract every drop of water. Since you are likely dealing with a minor disaster zone, it is prudent to call a professional remediation team who can address the problem in the most expedient manner possible. When you are discussing your claim with your insurance company, see if they have any professionals to recommend in your area. An experienced team will be able to address the problem in the most appropriate manner and will ensure that any damage is not further exacerbated by well-intentioned homeowners who are not trained to handle water-damaged carpet.

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