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5 Household Mold Remedies Before Calling the Pros

Mold is a common problem for many homes. When heavy rain and humidity strike, molds are able to find a foothold in the home. Molds do more than cause unsightly stains and ruin clothing, they can also carry other dangers such as illness that everyone in the household is vulnerable to. There are steps homeowners can take to remedy the problem, or to even prevent mold from growing in the first place. Read on to discover five remedies you can use before you call the mold removal professionals.

1. HEPA Filter: A HEPA filter is able to pull microscopic particles from the air, including mold spores. Run an air filter in areas that are common for moldĀ and during the damp seasons. This will vary from house to house and from climate to climate. A heated basement won’t need much help in the winter, buta HEPA filter is vital for a non-heated one. An air-conditioned basement might be fine in summer, but not anon air-conditioned one. Pay attention to relative humidity and filter the air accordingly. The more humidity, the more opportunity mold has to proliferate.

Removing Mold from a Wall in a room with Alcohol

Removing Mold from a Wall in a room with Alcohol


2. Regular Cleaning: When you do your seasonal deep cleaning, make sure to wipe under windowsills and in all dark corners. Also make sure to clean air vents, and beneath refrigerators. It can be difficult to tell if you are wiping up dirt or mold, but if you see black or green spots that resemble a sort of rash on a surface, you might have mold. Early mold identification can help defend the household against mold-related illness.

3. Wipe all Spills: We all spill a glass of water or other beverage from time to time. Make sure to wipe up any spills that go under furniture. When water stands for too long it can damage flooring and also provide a home for molds. Sugary drinks can also encourage bacterial and mold growth.

4. Ventilation: When a room and a house are properly ventilated, mold has less chance to find a home. Bathrooms are especially important to ventilate. Install a fan to vent off steam from bathing and be sure to run it during and after the shower.

5. Proper Cleaning Solution: Use a detergent solution for household mold removal. Many use bleach in hopes that it will eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, bleach only helps to control the problem and can cause trouble when used on porous materials or metal. Also keep in mind that porous material such as sheet rock and wood must be replaced once it has been affected by mold.