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5 Ways to Make Water Extraction Easier

Water damage can be devastating to a household. The longer water sits around, the higher the chances that mold will begin to spread and cause damage to carpet, flooring, and furniture. While water extraction is not easy, there are ways to expedite the process. This post discusses five ways to rid your home of water after a water mishap.

1. Squeegee Wand: When there is water damage on a hardwood or linoleum floor, a large squeegee can help to take care of the bulk of the water. A squeegee wand works much like you’d think – it pushes water from the surface just like the squeegee you use to clean your windows at the gas station. The remaining moisture can then be handled with other water extraction equipment.

2. Light Wand: A light wand is essentially a professional wet/dry vacuum that a water extraction professional can use to pull water from the carpet and into a tank. The decision to use a portable or a truck-mounted wand depends on the preferences of the professional, the individual job, and the developing technology in portable units.

3. Drying Panels or Mats: When water gets beneath a hardwood floor, many homeowners are at a loss. They can’t mop it up and the wet/dry vacuum just won’t do the job. So, a professional uses drying panels or mats to extract the water from beneath the surface. The mats are essentially an advanced vacuum system, which is taped down to the floor and then used to suck the water up through the small seams in the hardwood floor.

4. Call a Professional: It can be very difficult and require specialized equipment to extract water from a house, so calling a professional is the easiest way to extract water after an incident. Make sure that your professional has a water extraction certification. Don’t wait too long, but try to compare water extraction prices against competitors. Once a pro is on the job, your home should be safe, warm, and dry in no time.

5. Thorough Cleaning: Once your carpet has had all of the moisture removed, it may be a good idea to have the area professionally cleaned. If the moisture was allowed to stand for more than 24 hours, it may have become the home to mold spores. A thorough cleaning will ensure that any mold spores are eradicated.