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Best Home Air Purifiers to Combat Pollen, Dust & Smoke

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is coming down with asthma, getting treated for lung disease, and it seems like every other day there is a smog alert.

Pollen, dust, smoke – all potentially harmful emissions that can lead to asthma or a variety of lung diseases, if not handled early enough. Unfortunately, homeowners and families breathe in dirty air on a daily basis with little to no consciousness of their impact in the long-term. To combat against emissions, you should purchase a home air purifier to filter out pollen, dust, smoke, odors, and mold.

Here is some insight on the best air purifiers to consider for improving your air quality and overall health.

HEPA Air Filters

HEPA air filters are not only a hot item, but they provide the highest level of particle elimination possible. If you have a mold problem or suspect that mold spores are seeking refuge in your basement, a HEPA filter may be what the doctor ordered. Before you make a purchase, determine the size room the filter will be used in. There are filters that can cover 1,500 (or more) square feet, which is more appropriate for an office environment. You can take a smaller filter, rated for 200 square feet, and move it from room to room.

Ionic Air Filters

You may have spotted them on late-night infomercials, ionic air filters are attractive and effective for dealing with odors and mold at the source. They send out charged particles that cling to dust and other particulates. These particles bring back the debris to the collector, where the dirt sticks until later wiped by a damp rag. These filters are wonderful for odors, much dust, and even some mold. However, these filters are often found lacking when compared with HEPA-grade filters. However, there is no need to replace the filter for ionic air filters – you simply wipe down the collectors.

Guidelines for a Purchase

Replacing filters in your home air purifier can be difficult and costly. Seek out units that are rated to cover a space appropriate to your needs – a 200-500 square foot unit should be adequate for home use. Then, find units that have multiple filters. A pre-filter is often washable and will remove a lot of large particles before they soil the actual HEPA filter. This should save you money and ensure that your air is purer, longer.

Remember to keep in mind that the number one job when purchasing an air purifier is to remove particulates from your air. Mold spores, in particular can proliferate, form cultures, and cause greater health concerns down the road – on top of staining furniture, clothing, and any vulnerable surface, including drywall.

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