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7 Common Causes for Preventable Home Fires

Nothing is more destructive or tragic than a house fire. It is every homeowners nightmare to find that their home in danger of a fire. In fact, many homes are, but the owners have taken measures to prevent fire. If you take adequate measures to ensure that your home is safeguarded, your risk of fire decreases significantly. This post discusses 7 preventable causes of home fires as well as actions that you can take to protect your family and home from such harm.

Turn off the stove.

No matter what, do not leave the stove on when it is not in use. If you must be called away for a moment or two, you can shut of the burner and the pan will retain enough heat to keep your meal warm.

Keep children away flammables.

It is important to enforce a no-play zone when cooking in the kitchen. Keep towels away from stovetops. Do not place clothing on top of electrical appliances, such as lamps. Be careful not to over plug an electrical outlet with too many wires. Also, ensure that kids are never playing with matches.

Test smoke alarms.

Make sure all smoke alarms are fully functional. Carry extra batteries for backup and make a habit of checking them monthly. A working smoke alarm will cut your risk of death and injury by about half. Any time a death is preventable it is worthwhile to take measures to assure everyone’s safety.

Inspect fireplaces.

Have your chimney cleaned by a professional. If there is too much creosote or even a bird’s nest in the chimney, the home is at risk for a fire. Inspect the fireplace on a regular basis and make sure that the screen is heavy and dense enough to stop a rolling log and to block any sparks that may fly from the wood. Close up wood stoves at night and douse all fireplace fires prior to sleep.

Teach children about fire safety.

Teaching fire safety to young ones will go a long way towards preventing house fires. Create a fire escape plan, then walkthrough the routes with your children. We encourage that you practice this family drill at least twice a year.

Space Heaters.

Space heaters are a common cause of fire that can be easily prevented with a little foresight. Make sure that the area around the heater is clear of loose fabrics or paper. Allow a three-foot radius around a space heater, particularly for combustible items. Only use a heater that has a thermostat feature and which will automatically shut off when tipped over.

Electrical Systems.

Make sure all outlets are properly wired. If you are in a new home, have a qualified electrician inspect the home. If there are children in the home, install safety caps on lesser-used outlets. If you need to use an extension cord, make sure to tuck away the wires so that nobody potentially trips over them.

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