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Basement Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent Flooding

Unless you happen to be a mold spore, nobody likes a flooded basement. Without proper home maintenance, water damage can harm any furniture, carpets, flooring or any stored items in the basement. So, it is vital to make sure that all basements remain dry. However, the question is how to avoid flooding through maintenance in the basement. This post will seek to provide a few solutions for how to prevent flooding in your basement, which will protect your belongings, health, and overall value of your home.

Man Cleaning a rain gutter in Close up

Man Cleaning a rain gutter in Close up



Make sure that your gutters are in good shape and that your downspouts steer water away from the house. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your gutters will make sure no water overflows during a period of heavy rain. Then, adding a simple extension to the downspout will ensure that the water is directed away from the home, keeping the basement dry. If your yard slopes towards the home, a French drain or a dry well between the house and the hill may help steer water clear of the home.


One big reason for a flooded basement comes from within the house itself. Sometimes washing machines overflow and flood the area around them. Make sure you check all hose attachments on your washing machine and ensure that its drain is clear. Basement freezers can also leak water that causes damage. If the power goes out in the house, attach your freezer to a generator or be sure to prepare for the eventual water problems, if the power stays off too long, that is. Hot water tanks can also cause problems. If your heater is aging, keep an eye on it and replace it if it is too old – newer tanks are likely to be more energy efficient in any case.

Structural Maintenance

A basement drainage system may be the perfect solution for a basement that just will not stay dry. While this is an expensive solution, the alternative may well be perpetual remediation processes. In the Pacific Northwest, this may be a good solution to ward against those long rainy seasons. Another internal solution is to have the basement walls waterproofed. In fact, anyone who wishes to finish their basement into an office or family area will want to waterproof the area. It may be hard to get a permit for the work from your city without waterproofing, and it is one of the best safeguards against a flood situation.

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