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What Is the Fire Restoration Process?

The fire restoration process is where a team of professionals enter a burned building or home and begin to restore it to its former state. This can be a dangerous process, and is one that requires great skill and care. A mishandled restoration job can do even more damage, though the flames may be long gone.

This post will discuss the fire restoration process and what you should do to initiate the process.

The Process in a Nutshell

The professionals will begin the process by fully assessing the scene. They will be able to give you an estimate of the damage and the cost to restore your home after the fire. From that point, they will begin to clean up the damage. These pros have the protective gear to enter the building at this early stage, so please let them do their job. There are special industrial-grade treatments that they can use to restore your home with no lingering fire smell. If any items are particularly difficult to clean and treat, they can be taken off-site for special care.

What You Should Do

As soon as a fire is out, call a professional to begin the fire restoration process. It may be tempting to run into your home of business to check if certain items were spared by the flames, but try to resist this impulse. You may do more damage to the home than is necessary. A team of pros needs to first arrive to assess the situation so that a well-planned, organized restoration can commence. Their experience and equipment can get to work remediating any damage to carpet, walls, and furniture so that you don’t accidentally do more harm. If you have special items that must be retrieved, the fire restoration team can surely work to find them for you.

Can This Wait?

In a word, no. Damage from soot and ash begins to occur the moment that a fire is extinguished. Within hours, your items may be stained – perhaps irrevocably. The more porous materials in your home will be more vulnerable. So, plastic items, tile grout, and even marble are subject to staining and discoloration. This is why it is imperative to get on the phone with a fire restoration company even before the flames are out. They must be able to swoop in immediately to help save your possessions.

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Rebuilding Your Home & Life After a Fire

After the flames are doused and the damage has been done, families are faced with the daunting prospect of rebuilding their homes and lives after a fire. This is can be a difficult time for anyone experiencing such a tragedy. The home is likely to face serious smoke and water damage and as a result from the hosing, family possessions may have been singed, burned or doused. Nevertheless, families can overcome the adversity with aplomb. Yours can, too. This post discusses three aspects of rebuilding your home and life after a fire.

5 Tips to Prepare for a Flood or Fire

Floods and fires are two of the worst events to happen to a building or home. They can be totally devastating to the structure, but also to the people inside. It’s therefore vital to prepare for a flood or a fire so that you have a plan in place in the event of a disaster. Keep reading to learn 5 tips for preparing your family for a flood or fire.

How to Pick the Right Fire Restoration Company

When tragedy strikes in the form of a fire, it is important to immediately work on professionally restoring the damage. Water damage in particular needs to be remediated so that mold and rot don’t set in. You will want experts on the job, because they have the equipment and know-how to effectively take the smoke smell away, dry out the water, and get your home or business back in shape in a timely manner. Pick a fire restoration company quickly, though, but keep in mind a few pointers so that you pick the right company.

How to Cleanup After a House Flood or Fire

Water, flood, and fire damage are the lingering effects of what are often major catastrophes. Remediating these issues is sometimes a difficult and time-intensive task. However, trained professionals can expedite the problem, which can be more complex than it might seem on the surface.

7 Common Causes for Preventable Home Fires

Nothing is more destructive or tragic than a house fire. It is every homeowners nightmare to find that their home in danger of a fire. In fact, many homes are, but the owners have taken measures to prevent fire. If you take adequate measures to ensure that your home is safeguarded, your risk of fire decreases significantly. This post discusses 7 preventable causes of home fires as well as actions that you can take to protect your family and home from such harm.

Save Your Home from Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire is one of the most damaging – and scary – incidents that can happen to a home or building. The risk of fire can create a spectrum of damage including smoke damage, water damage, and potential harm to one’s health and safety. However, with new technologies today, homes have a far better chance of survival than in previous years. Homeowners are now able to hire fire restoration services to help put their lives back together. This post will discuss what fire damage affects and why it is important to perform a restoration.