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Cleaning Up the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

We knew that the damaging effects of super storm Sandy would be significant, but no one could have predicted just how devastating they would be.  While upstate NY did not experience anything close to what the Jersey shore went through, the residual damage has extended inland to many parts of New York and New Jersey.  Even if you weren’t directly in Sandy’s damage page, there’s a good chance that your home or building may have suffered some water, mold, fire or flood damage.

In this article, let’s examine some of the most important steps to take, immediately after a hurricane.  While we strongly recommend calling a qualified flood recovery service, it’s just as important to understand why these actions are so vital to a successful hurricane clean-up.

Secure the Family and ResourcesHurricane-Sandy-aftermath_300x200

For obvious reasons, the most important thing to do after a flood or hurricane, is make sure that all family members, loved ones, and pets are accounted for and safe. If your home or building is part of a larger community significantly damaged by flooding, do not attempt to ride it out.  There could be sewage, waste water, and other contaminants present; all of which need to be removed by a highly-trained professional, under properly controlled circumstances.

While the temptation can be overwhelming, we strongly advise not returning home until deemed safe by local officials.  Your personal belongings can be replaced, your good health or safety might not be so easy.

Removal Any Standing Water & Flooding

Once everyone is accounted for, any moisture and standing water must be removed.  Unless you have access to high-powered water extraction pumps and containment equipment, you will want to leave this to the professionals.  At Rapid Dry, for example, we have spent years developing an innovative flood restoration process that ensures expedited cleanup and increased safety.

By utilizing the most powerful commercial water removal vacuums, coupled with advanced HEPA fine particle filters, an experienced flood recovery company can ensure that no moisture pockets have been overlooked.

Isolate and Contain Unaffected Areas or Property

Areas that have not been damaged by flooding, should be immediately contained to prevent the spread of residual water damage and mold contamination.  Professional water removal specialists use state-of-the-art technology to identify and validate unaffected areas, allowing technicians to accurately and quickly isolate areas that clearly have been affected by water damage.

Do to the high probability of mold following a flood, we do not recommend trying to contain the unaffected areas yourself.  This is a standard service with most flood cleanup companies in NY, and they can ensure that it’s performed in a safe, effective manner.

Inspect for Early Mold Formation

Mold is unquestionably among the most troublesome problems after a flood.  As you may know from experience, mold spreads fast and can overtake a building very rapidly.  If your home or building has been on the business-end of a flood, or are prone to basement moisture, you should absolutely consider having a mold inspection performed.  If mold is found, the remediation process should begin as soon as possible.

Mold poses a number of serious health and respiratory risks.  If you suspect that your house, basement, or building may be affected, do not wait.  Call a mold remediation company now.

Decontaminate and Sanitize

Once all water has been removed, items recovered, and mold formations inspected and removed, the entire facility or home needs to be properly decontaminated and sanitized.  And we’re not talking about a good once-over with the disinfectant spray.  Flooding does real damage, and can leave behind some rather nasty compounds, bacteria, viruses, spores and other things you don’t want your kids playing with.

Regardless of where you are or how much damage your home or business received, Rapid Dry can help you throughout the entire process of recovering after a flood.  We employ I.I.C.R.C certified technicians, use only the most advanced water removal equipment, and offer same day emergency service throughout all of NY.

If you have questions on flood damage clean-up, or need immediate assistance, please call Rapid Dry in Rochester at 585-663-0510.