photodune-3961886-building-on-fire-s-2zazeoochuopxfn36qhwcqRapid Dry may be known best for our flood and water damage service, but make no mistake; when it comes to helping your business get back to normal after a fire, no one does a better job than our commercial fire restoration specialists.

  • Fast, affordable commercial fire & smoke damage services
  • Complete on-site restoration & fire damage clean-up
  • Convenient billing & hassle free insurance claims

Has Your Business Suffered a Fire?

If so, we understand what you’re going through.  A commercial fire can feel like a devastating event, and the uncertainty that follows is overwhelming.  If you’re like other business owners who have experienced a business fire, you obviously have many questions:

  • How long will it take to re-open my business?
  • How much of this will I have to pay for?
  • Does my property insurance cover fire & smoke damage?
  • Is cleaning after a fire expensive?

Few things are as painful as watching your life’s work literally go up in flames.  But there is a light at the end of this tunnel.  Fire restoration technology has made tremendous advances over the years. Rapid Dry can restore your commercial location faster, more efficiently, and for less than you might expect.  The important thing, is calling the best people for the job.

At Rapid Dry, There Is Life After a Commercial Fire

Our team of certified fire restoration techs employ exquisite intuition, practicality, and decades of collective experience to help get your company back in business quickly.

  • Perform a thorough and precise evaluation of your facility, in order to make an honest assessment of what needs to be done, and how best execute our restoration plan.
  • Identify and recover as much undamaged and salvageable property, in addition to important documents, expensive technology, or other irreplaceable items.
  • Work in an efficacious yet thorough manner to restore your business to its original condition, before the fire.
  • Sanitize, clean and disinfect your business to ensure that it is 100% safe for employees to return to work.
  • Guide you through the process of filing an insurance claim, and answering any questions we can, based on our extensive corporate fire recovery experience.

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