firefighter1If you’re in Western New York and own buildings, a fire is something you hope you never have to encounter, first-hand.  But the sad truth is that buildings are burnt to the ground every day.  In contrast, they are not completely destroyed, but still suffer the effects of significant fire and smoke damage.

Before Choosing a Fire Restoration Company

We hope it never happens to you, but if it does, you need to be prepared.  If and when the time does come to restore your building after a fire, it’s crucial to make sure that they have the experience, training, and work ethics required to get the job done right.

Rapid Dry professionals are fully trained to restore the fire and smoke damages, while also eliminating and left over residues caused by fire.  We’ve developed an innovative fire clean-up and recovery process over the years, that allows us to offer unparalleled service.

  • Our quick response team is constantly cautious of hot and wet fogging to the smoke damaged areas.
  • We remove bad soot residue and remaining odors, seal fire damaged surfaces, to safeguard and more rapidly restore your commercial structures.
  • Technicians test for toxic chemicals and gases, followed by a fill removal of hazardous odor of smoke.
  • Securing, decontaminating and deodorizing the building, and any costly electrical equipment, artwork, documents and other valuables.
  • Perform clean air ozone treatment, to facilitate the removal of smoke molecules amd other harmful smoke odors.
  • Rapid Dry provides 24/7 emergency smoke and fire damage restoration services, our rapid response team will be at your door within 1 hour in most cases.

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