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Dirty Air Ducts? 5 Signs You’re Breathing Dirty Air

Air ducts are often a forgotten part of a building. They deliver the heated or cooled air and we change the air filter on a regular basis. However, those dark, cool tunnels are a great place for dust, mold, and mildew to accumulate. Microscopic particles and spores are then free to roam around your place of business. If left unchecked, molds can contribute to employee illness, resulting in lower productivity and morale.

If you’re unsure whether or not you have dirty air ducts, here are 5 signs to look out for if you’re breathing dirty air.

1. Frequent Colds or Allergies. If you or your employees are constantly complaining of respiratory problems, sinus headaches, or even vision problems, there could be a problem in your air ducts. Air ducts, among other common hiding spots for mold, should be checked if allergens continue. A professional cleaning crew will have the air duct cleaning equipment necessary to get the job done.

2. Cleaning the Filter Doesn’t Change Anything. If you’ve noticed chronic illness or allergies but nothing seems to change after you change the air filter in your HVAC unit, it is probably time to clean the air ducts. The proper methods for cleaning need to be followed so that any and all mold or mildew is completely eradicated.

3. Visible Signs. Check the air ducts and wipe them with a clean cloth. Then, check them again in a week or so to determine how much dust or mold is accumulating. If there are obvious mold spots, have a professional come to check the ducts. If you have ducts hidden behind furniture or in hidden spots, check them to make sure they are not moldy or dusty.

4. Poor Airflow. If the duct doesn’t seem to be producing the airflow you see in other ducts, there may be some blockage down in the dark recesses of the system. This blockage will be taxing the air pump, causing higher power bills.



5. Excess Dust. If your space is constantly in need of a dusting, the main breeding ground for your dust bunnies just may be in the air ducts. If your business is in an older house or building, it is possible that the ducts have not been cleaned in a very long time. The time is now to work on cleaning the air ducts and ensuring a healthier, cleaner workplace for everyone.

Rapid Dry Services has been keeping the air clean among Western NY’s workforce since 2003. We are proud to be one of the leading commercial air duct and ventilation cleaners in the area. Contact us today if you require professional air duct cleaning.