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Floor and Carpet Replacement Options After a Flood

Where to start the cleanup process after a flood in your home? The whole house is likely impacted, especially the lower floors and basement. Sometimes flooring can be salvaged and dried. Even hardwood floors can be saved, in some circumstances. However, you may have to replace your floors and carpeting after a flood.

Here are a few options for carpet and floor replacement once water damage has gotten the better of them in your home.

Odds of Another Flood

One key thing to consider after a flood is the likelihood that it will happen again. You don’t want to replace your flooring with expensive materials if you think that it will all be washed away as soon as the creek rises again.

Be alert to your local area and assess the situation. You might even consider measures to ensure that a flood will never impact your home again. For instance, one Oregon homeowner was able to lift her home 12 feet in the air after a flood ruined her creekside home. Once the overall threat is assessed, you can proceed with your floor replacement, and make fully-informed decisions as to the best materials to use.

Basement Floor Option

If you had a flooded basement and the carpet ruined, you might look into options as you rebuild. Since basements are the most flooded floors in the home, you might want to forgo wall-to-wall carpeting. Rather, consider leveling the concrete and staining it an attractive color. You might even choose a decorative stencil to bring an extra aesthetic to the room. If you prefer carpet, area rugs can do the job just fine. These can be easily removed in case flood conditions reoccur, or can be more easily dried out if they are submerged again.


Another low-cost alternative to floor replacement is linoleum. This is a good choice for the basement and kitchen, but it is also an interesting choice in other parts of the home. A dark brown linoleum in the hallway will be quite attractive or choose another color to suit your overall aesthetic. If you prefer a bit more floor covering to protect your feet during the winter, area rugs can do the job quite nicely. You might also cover your toes with thick socks or house shoes. In case of another flood, the linoleum can be easily taken up and recycled, if not reused. It can be cleaned very easily during normal use, and after another flood, too.

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