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How to Cleanup After a House Flood or Fire

Water, flood, and fire damage are the lingering effects of what are often major catastrophes. Remediating these issues is sometimes a difficult and time-intensive task. However, trained professionals can expedite the problem, which can be more complex than it might seem on the surface.

Laminated Flooring

Although often resistant to water damage, laminate floors that have soaked too much moisture may require repair or replacement. Dry the wet areas, then remove any parts that were damaged. Make sure to dry the floor underneath as well. Finally, put down the new laminated flooring over the damaged areas. You can also contact a professional flooring installation service.

Water Wicking

Drywall can wick water up to 30 inches as a result of water damage. Water will be present on both the inside and outside of the walls. However, signs of moisture are not always visible. Contact a water damage restoration professional to inspect the damage for immediate results.

Cellulose Insulation

After serious water issues in the home, check your insulation to see if any needs to be replaced. If water from a flood or from dousing a fire gets on your cellulose insulation, it will become compacted and the air pockets that previously trapped hot or cool air will collapse.

Pervasive Mold

Scary fact: nearly 50% of all homes have some sort of mold. Try to ward off this problem with HEPA filters and dehumidifiers. HEPA filters will eradicate mold spores from the air. Also, when you keep the relative humidity between 40-60%, your likelihood of accumulating mold dramatically decreases.

Smokes and Electronics

Keep in mind that smoke is a collection of solids and liquids that can attach themselves or linger long after a fire has been extinguished. Smoke residue can be acidic and will damage electronics – think of it as a very thin layer of ash from a fireplace. If you can still smell a lingering smoke odor, that means those particulates are wafting around and posing a threat to your computers, televisions, and any device with a circuit board. Speak to a fire remediation specialist who can help eliminate all of the smoke particulates from your home

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