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How to Pick the Right Fire Restoration Company

When tragedy strikes in the form of a fire, it is important to immediately work on professionally restoring the damage. Water damage in particular needs to be remediated so that mold and rot don’t set in. You will want experts on the job, because they have the equipment and know-how to effectively take the smoke smell away, dry out the water, and get your home or business back in shape in a timely manner. Pick a fire restoration company quickly, though, but keep in mind a few pointers so that you pick the right company.

Professional Equipment

A professional fire restoration company will have the equipment needed to repair the damage. Make sure they have the equipment on hand to handle your exact problem. If you have water damage on a hardwood floor, for instance, ask how they intend to handle that. If their only remedy seems to be removing the floor, you might want to call another company. While often hardwood floors need to be replaced, that is not the only possible outcome from water damage. A true professional will have options to discuss even before seeing the full extent of the damage.

Reference from Insurance Claims Experts

When you file your claim with an insurance company, ask if they have any fire restoration companies to recommend. They may be able to offer a few companies that are known for expert work. Make sure to do your own research, though, and pick the company that gives you the most confidence and a peace of mind, which is so vital in the wake of a fire. You might cross-check any recommendations from the insurance against the opinions of friends, family members, or online reviewers. Check Angie’s list for some of the most reliable reviews available.

Restoration Guarantees

Make sure your fire restoration company is able to provide adequate references and guarantees for their fire damage repair services. If you are recovering from a fire, you need to have assurances that the job will be done right, the first time. If the company is helping you remediate water damage to hardwood floors, you need assurances that they will get all of the moisture. If their equipment is unable to get all of the water, you may face bigger problems later on. With this in mind, you will want to learn how long the company has been in business and the relevant experience of the owners and managers.

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