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Rebuilding Your Home & Life After a Fire

After the flames are doused and the damage has been done, families are faced with the daunting prospect of rebuilding their homes and lives after a fire. This is can be a difficult time for anyone experiencing such a tragedy. The home is likely to face serious smoke and water damage and as a result from the hosing, family possessions may have been singed, burned or doused. Nevertheless, families can overcome the adversity with aplomb. Yours can, too. This post discusses three aspects of rebuilding your home and life after a fire.

Fire Remediation

It is important to contact a fire remediation specialist after the flames have been doused. Please retrain yourself from rushing into your home to check on your possessions. You may do more damage to the home than what has already been done. Furthermore, the home may not be safe to enter. The floorboards may not be fully secure, and beams may not be fully supporting the ceiling. Wait until a professional has come to assess the damage including what it will take to clean-up and when people are allowed to enter. The fire remediation specialist can begin the process of cleaning up once the smoke, fire, and water damage has setlted.

Insurance Claims

While you wait for the remediation team to arrive, contact your insurance provider. They will likely have instructions for you and can come out to assess your claim. They can also work with the remediation company to ensure that all the services are covered and that the home is returned to its optimal state. When you speak to the claims representative, you can get an idea of your budget for any reconstruction that needs to happen after the fire. More importantly, they can help you escalate the rebuilding process.

Rebuilding the Home

If your home is a total loss, consider whether to stay on the same lot or to rebuild elsewhere. Weigh this against your insurance settlement. You might be able to sell your lot and rebuild in some other area. You will want to take into consideration the cause of the fire, such as an uncontrollable environmental factor. Do your research online for areas to rebuild, if you consider rebuilding elsewhere.

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