circle1Homes in upstate and Western NY are by no means immune to the devastating effects of common and natural disasters.  Whether it’s flooding, fires, sink holes, falling trees, or sewage back-ups, when disaster strikes your home, you need a recovery and clean-up service with the experience and expertise to get you on with life quickly and affordably.

When Disaster Strikes, Rapid Dry Responds

  • Home and basement flooding clean-up specialists
  • Expedited, affordable fire clean-up services
  • Over 10 years of professional disaster cleaning in Western NY
  • Certified and compassionate disaster recovery experts
  • Extensive hurricane and storm cleanup/recovery experience

Cleaning up after a flood

Water-4Whether it’s basement flooding from heavy rains, seepage from a cracked foundation, or something more serious, such as tropical storm and hurricane clean-up, Rapid Dry will efficaciously assess the situation, implement a speedy clean-up and recovery process unique to your property, and work to recover as many goods, documents and cherished personal possessions as possible.

We can also answer many common questions, including who to call next after experiencing a flood, and the do’s and don’ts of flood and water damage.

Cleaning up after a fire

The days and weeks after a fire can be uncertain and disheartening, but there are people who can help you get back to life as you once knew it.  At Rapid Dry Services in Rochester, we like to think we’re among the most dedicated of the bunch.  We know that this is an trying time for your family, and we vow to always be respectful and understanding of that.

Our fire clean-up services are affordable, efficient, and conducted by trained, vastly-experienced fire clean-up experts.  We will do everything in our power and control to make your transition home a smooth one.

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