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Why to Call Professional Water Removal Services?

If the start of the summer season is any indicator of what’s to come, it could end up being a wet one here in Rochester.  The storms we’ve had in just the past few weeks have left many businesses and homeowners dealing with flooded basements, standing water and various other moisture-related mini disasters.  And this lends the question, who do you call to remove standing water from your home or business?

The first notion many people have is to grab a mob, fans and as many towels as possible.  And while, yes, some of the most simple forms of flooding can be addressed on a DIY basis, the majority will require professional cleanup.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

Not All Flood Water is Visible

Something to always keep in mind is that, when storm water enters your property, you rarely see the full extent of it.  There are plenty of crevices within the walls of your home or commercial property where water and moisture can collect and go completely undetected.  Even if you sop up everything that made it past the exterior, there may still be excessive amounts of moisture or IMG951953_300x400standing water where you cannot see it.

Considering that these areas are exceedingly dark and protected from light and heat, it likely won’t be drying up on its own anytime soon.  This is where a skilled water removal company can be a real asset, both to the health of your family and the integrity of your property.

Water Breeds Mold & Pathogenic Compounds

You’ve likely never walked into your kitchen and seen mold growing on the walls.  That’s not how it works, and the primary reason why undetected moisture is such a concern.  Mold is sneaky, covert, and thrives in dark environments.  When water seeps into your home, it’s generally teeming with forms of life that are totally undetectable to the naked eye.  Mold spores are just one of many culprits which thrive in damp, dark and undisturbed spaces.

There are many problems associated with mold.  First, it is relentless in its ability to grow out of control.  It’s also extremely difficult to identify and even more challenging to remove.  Finally, it can have extremely adverse effects on your health, and the health of your family, friends and guests.  If you’re dealing with flooding or standing water, or if you have in the past, it is highly advisable that you contact a flood cleanup company who also specialized in mold remediation.

Unaddressed Moisture Can Lead to Rot

Even if you’re successful in removing the water you can see, undetected moisture can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home or building.  This includes damaged walls, buckling floors, cracks in older foundations, and many other common flood-related issues.  Sadly, these rarely go away on their own or resolve themselves with time.

The only way to be absolutely sure that you’ve properly addressed the potential pitfalls of water damage, is to work with a professional flood cleanup specialist.  There have been many advances in the technology used to conduct moisture surveys, mold identification and undetected standing water, and working with an experienced water removal company will ensure that nothing has gone overlooked.

If you’re dealing with moisture, mold or flooding in the Rochester NY area, Rapid Dry offers immediate dispatch and 24/7 emergency water removal services.  Call us day or night at 585-663-0510.