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Why Cleaning Up Black Mold is So Important

Black mold is something of a buzzword in the home improvement and wellness communities. Everyone has advice on how to get rid of it and it is taken as gospel truth that it should be eliminated. However, why is it so important to clean up black mold? Is this more hype than substance? Here are just a few reasons of why it is so important to clean up any black mold in your home.


Black mold can pose a threat to health and wellbeing. For people who are allergic, an outbreak can result in any number of symptoms. For most people, symptoms will include runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, cough, nasal congestion, sneezing, etc. Some might have skin problems such as irritation and rash, while others might find that their eyes become crusty after a night’s rest. Black mold can even trigger upper respiratory problems such as asthma.

Health Complications

When black mold is not discovered and cleaned by a professional mold removal service, it can take a more drastic, and long lasting toll on health. After extended exposure to black mold, people are known to exhibit inconsistent blood pressure, problems with memory and concentration, mood swings, and stomach problems. Others have noted fatigue when exposed to mold spores. Thus, it is very important to check on any signs of black mold in your basement, unventilated bathrooms, and any area susceptible to excess humidity or water problems. If the problem gets to this advanced stage, it might be advisable to call professional mold removal experts to eliminate the problematic fungi.

Damaged Property

Black mold not only poses a threat to our health and well-being, but it is damaging to our material goods, as well. Mold can gain purchase on and stain clothing, carpets, and furniture. Then, it is very difficult to successfully clean up the mold without the aid of a professional service skilled in its removal. In fact, if mold establishes itself in drywall or sheetrock, it is nearly impossible to remove. In fact, most often homeowners have to completely remove the drywall and then work on preventing black mold in the future.

Seek out long-term solutions to mold problems such as filtering spores from the air, immediately cleaning and drying any water damage, and wrapping exposed plumbing. You may want to purchase and make good use of a dehumidifier, particularly in problem areas such as the basement. If mold is persistent and seems impossible to eradicate, contact a mold removal service who can seek out the root of the problem. They might clean your ductwork or discover some other hidden source of spores.

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