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Winter Weather Safety Checklist

When winter rolls around, it’s best to be prepared, particularly in upstate New York. The past few winters have brought deep freezes and deep snow drifts, so who knows what this coming winter will bring? There’s nothing worse than being caught with no plan in the case of extreme weather. This post has a few ideas that will have you thinking ahead to keep you and your family safe and warm, all winter long. Make sure to mark off these 3 things from your winter weather safety checklist.

Heat Sources

Warmth is the first priority on everyone’s list when it comes to a deep freeze. Make sure you are prepared for those deep freezes by purchasing a generator that can power a back-up heating system in the event of a power outage. If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, start collecting firewood now, so that you have plenty once the dark days of winter arrive. Portable, kerosene space heaters are also a good idea, but you should be very careful with them, as many models have been known to present a fire safety hazard. Be warm, but also strive to be safe.

Car Safety Kit

When winter weather brings deep snow drifts to the roadways, you are at risk for being stranded. So, make sure you car has a winter-weather safety kit. Make sure to include some potable water, a blanket, flares, a flashlight, and a radio. Try to find a radio that does not require batteries or that can operate via crank or batteries. When driving in the winter, also be certain that your cell phone is charged or that you have a car charger handy. Some people even like to carry a pair of snowshoes in their car, but don’t trek outside for too long without if weather conditions worsen.


One of the greatest tools known to mankind is knowledge. With that in mind, keep up-to-date on the latest weather predictions. Often local news stations will hype the slightest chance of snow, so take their dire warnings with a dose of salt. However, if the local news is excited over a slight chance of flurries, check other credible weather sources, such as the National Weather Service. Once you have a fair and accurate estimate of what to expect, you can make sure your home and family are well cared for. Don’t forget to also check in on the elderly or any isolated individuals you may be aware of.

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