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Winter Woes: Effects of Home Water Damage

Water damage should be avoided at all cost, especially since it is likely to cost twice as much to repair the damage once its done. Insurance companies will also want to see that you have done what you could to minimize any water damage through routine maintenance measures as well as larger projects. This post will cover the types and effects of home water damage.

Clean Water Damage

If you must have water damage, cross your fingers that it is coming from clean water. This would be could derive from a leaky pipe or an overflowed washing machine. Clean water does not come with any inherent hazards, but still must be dried and cleaned in an expeditious manner. If left to sit too long, a clean water incident can become a health hazard when mold spores discover a place to spawn. Winter is a good time for mold to take hold after a water damage event. Once your clean water has been dried and cleaned, you may want to run a HEPA air filter and a dehumidifier to ensure that all the remaining moisture has been dealt with.

Damage From Leaks

Although is it one of the more rare forms of water damage, it is possible to incur damage from a leaky roof or foundation. These leaks can be insidious and effect damage long before any water is detected. A small leak in a roof, for instance, might seep water in to your attic insulation, holding moisture next to the roof boards and materials, causing rot and spreading the damage each time it rains. A leaky roof or basement foundation may also drip water into walls that will result in a need to replace not only framework, but sheetrock as well. Such leaks may also pose a threat to your electrical system, so be sure to inspect your roof and foundation on at least a seasonal basis.

Black Water Damage

One of the worst effects of water damage is the impact to the health of you and your family. Though ″clean water″ damage doesn’t immediately pose a threat, it can create opportunities for mold spores. Mold can contribute to respiratory illnesses and may exacerbate asthma or other pre-existing health conditions. The youth and elderly in particular should avoid homes with an undue amount of mold. If the water damage includes any sewer water, known as ″black water,″ the risk of a negative health effect increases, as a wide range of bacteria and other microorganisms may be added to the environment. If you experience damage from a backed-up toilet or any sewer-related source, be sure that trained professionals handle such problems are on the scene as soon as possible.

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