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Rochester Can Always Expect the Best Basement Mold Removal from Rapid Dry

If your basement retains any moisture mold will remain persistent, potentially causing a number of health risks. Rapid Dry understands the composition of mold and the consequences of allowing it to exist on your property.

We provide reliable and thorough basement mold-removal services in Rochester. Our process is designed to control the moisture in the basement and eliminate mold right down to its core. We also specialize in the removal of any type of mold, whether you are dealing with allergenic mold, pathogenic mold, or the most-dangerous, toxigenic mold.

You can call us at any time on our 24/7 emergency line and our IICRC-certified staff will be ready at a moment’s notice to relieve your property and its basement of any mold. 

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5-Star Rated

The Top Rated Basement Mold Removal Company in Rochester, NY

Our technicians have the expertise you need to safely guarantee all mold is removed from your basement and the area is dried out thoroughly to prevent more spores from growing, but don’t take our word for it. Check out what people are saying about our services below!

We Expertly Remove Mold From Your Basement & Remediate Any Damage

The basement is usually a dark and damp space, so it’s not surprising to find mold growing there. Finding mold and removing it is important, or it may present other challenges over time. Some of these challenges include:

  • Wood rot or other structural damage to your property

  • A musty smell in your building

  • Exposure to mold spores that pose health risks like allergies, asthma attacks, or cancer

Removing mold can be a difficult task if your basement’s moisture level is high. Rapid Dry ensures that your property’s atmosphere is restored back to its original condition.

Rapid Dry Takes Every Precaution In Safely Removing Basement Mold

Air Quality Test

If you suspect there may be mold in your basement the first thing that should be done is to have an industrial hygienist conduct an air quality test. This will show us what mold we are dealing with and allow us to tailor a specific plan to remove it from your basement.

Mold Damage Inspection

Rapid Dry will send a mold specialist to your basement to conduct a thorough inspection of the area. This inspection will help us create a mold removal and remediation plan while giving us insight on the extent of the damage to your property.


Mold multiplies by releasing spores into the airways of your building’s ducts. Our specialists immediately begin containing the affected area. We close off any entrances, seal any ventilation leading to or from the basement, and create a negative air pressure environment with the help of HEPA filtration to ensure that any mold within your basement isn’t able to expand beyond the already affected area.

Mold Cleanup & Removal

Once the existing mold is contained we can start addressing the damage. This means removing any building materials or other items that are deemed irreparable. After we safely remove these materials our team can begin cleaning every surface in your basement with an advanced microbial wash to kill off any lingering spores that had spread beyond the obviously damaged materials.


What causes mold spores to multiply is finding an environment that is suitable for mold growth. The main thing they look for is moisture which is why mold is such a big concern following floods or water damage. Basements are notorious for poor ventilation and high humidity.

The next step in our mold remediation is to dehumidify your basement preventing any lingering mold from taking hold and starting to multiply. For this, we use professional-grade dehumidifiers which will suck out any extra moisture and create an environment where mold cannot exist in.

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We Offer More Than Just Basement Mold Removal

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No mold can stand up to Rapid Dry and we pride ourselves in having a fully licensed staff ready to handle your mold removal and property restoration. We are Rochester’s best basement mold removal service, but we also operate in several other areas. Curious to know if we operate near you? Check out our service areas below!

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