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Disinfection Services in Rochester, NY

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  • IICRC Certified Badge
  • Licensed Insured and Certified Badge
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  • IICRC Certified Badge
  • Licensed Insured and Certified Badge
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Affordable Disinfection Services in Rochester, NY

At Rapid Dry we believe in maintaining a clean environment. That’s why our specialists provide the best disinfection services in Rochester. We care about safety first and exemplify that with strict systems of procedure. We also seek guidance from industry professionals to make sure that protocol is followed. 

If you need your home or office disinfected our experts will get the job done right so you can rest easy. With free inspection and evaluation as well as 24/7 service, you can keep your residential or commercial areas as healthy as possible.

Disinfection is a serious matter in Rochester. Microscopic bacteria and viruses can’t be seen and as such you need to know that your cleaning was done correctly and with care. Rapid Dry comprehensively examines each job with care and expertise while utilizing specialist-guided techniques to clear any compromised surface. Our customers know they can trust us with all of their disinfecting needs. 

Why Rapid Dry is Rochester’s Best Disinfection Service

  • We take disinfection seriously. Our specialists in Rochester use a written disinfection protocol that goes beyond CDC guidelines.

  • We bring in outside help to guarantee effective practices. An Industrial hygienist is present at all disinfections to ensure safety and that protocol is followed.

  • We are always there for you. Being an emergency response company, we are ready any time you are (24 hours a day) so don’t hesitate to call us.

  • We have experience in Rochester. Deploying the best methodologies to disinfect large facilities is something that we have done for years and we are well prepared to disinfect your home or commercial business.

The Techniques We Use

Everything within a facility or home needs to be disinfected. Our specialists use equipment designed to spray an EPA approved disinfectant on all walls, floors, doors, door handles, fixtures, etc. In addition, we utilize a Hydroxyl generator in smaller areas as this is another effective method to kill viruses. For electronic equipment we manually apply the disinfectant so that it can stay on all surfaces for the required ten minutes.

Safety Precautions We Employ

In order to keep everything to a high standard we have an industrial hygienist who will participate with each job. This individual will conduct an overview of operations before we start, ensure that the job is being conducted in compliance with the written protocol and will stand by to be able to respond should any concerns arise. In addition, our team is donned in full-face respirators, chemical resistant coveralls, gloves and shoe covers to remove any risk of bringing chemicals near other rooms when we leave. 

Which Viruses and Diseases We Remove

Virtually all of them. Such viruses as SARS, MERS and influenza, as well as COVID-19, are all killed during our disinfection process but the chemicals and practices we use work against all common infectious biologicals you can find in a home or business. 

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Services

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We Offer Disinfection Services Near You

Rapid Dry wants to keep your home and business as healthy as possible so your family, employees, or customers never have to feel at risk. Our disinfection experts provide Rochester with free inspections, 24/7 service, and a guarantee of thorough coverage on all critical surfaces. Check below to see our other service areas.  

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