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Fire Board Up Service in Buffalo, NY

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We Keep Your Rochester Building Safe With Fire Board Up & Roof Tarp Services

When a fire occurs in your home or business the process of getting back to normal can be long and arduous. Even after the flames have been extinguished the restoration process takes planning and time. During this transition period, many property owners need board-up and roof tarp services to protect their property and possessions.

Rapid Dry responds quickly to this need with 24/7 emergency fire board up & roof tarping services for your home or office. Our highly-trained technicians prioritize keeping your property clean and free from invasive forces. Call us today or book online for a free quote. 

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Preventing weather and pests from entering your property after a fire is an important step to restoring it. Rapid Dry arrives on the scene quickly to cover any opening, from the sides to the roof. Check out what other customers have to say about our services!

Immediate Help From the Premier Fire Board up Experts

Restoring a house with severe fire damage takes time and planning. Often other things can impede the process and halt any initial progress. Common reasons a restoration may get help up are:

  • Inclement Weather

  • Delays in the Insurance Claim

  • Limited Funds

  • Shortage of Housing Materials & Supplies

  • Waiting for the Approval of Permits & Plans

We recognize that this can happen and are always on the scene quickly to begin boarding up openings and tarping the roof.

Boarding and tarping are your best courses of action for any transition period. They provide the best possible protection for your property and its contents.

Boarding up your windows, doors, and other structural openings will prevent intruders, animals, and pests from entering your property. The tarp will guard your damaged home or business against high winds and excessive rainfall.

In addition to protecting your fire-damaged property, the boards and tarp also serve as a barrier if a major storm surfaces before the repairs can be completed.

Our Services

We Offer More Than Just Fire Board Up Services

We Offer Fire Board Up & Tarping Services Near You

When your home or business needs fire board up or roof tarping we are available any day at any time. Our specialists easily apply a barrier to protect your property from further damage while you construct a renovation plan. Rapid Dry is also a licensed contractor and can help restore the damage left by the fire. Curious if we operate near you? Check out our service areas below!