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Water Extraction in Buffalo, NY

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Let Us Help Remediate Your Water Damage with Our Quick and Professional Water Extraction Service

Arriving at a flooded house can be panic-inducing, but time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. The sooner you get the water out and your home dry the better it is for your property and your health.

If you come home to a flooded living room, bathroom, or basement let Rapid Dry’s expert specialists handle it for you! Whether the cause is a flood, a backed-up sewage system, a burst pipe, or a clogged toilet you can depend on us for a rapid response with 5-star results. 

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Using thorough techniques and top-of-the-line equipment Rapid Dry does water extraction better than anyone else. Our technicians have extensive experience in moisture removal and prioritize being thorough to protect your property and long term health. See what other customers are saying about Rapid Dry!

Our Water Removal Service is the Best Option for Your Home or Business

Utilizing a team of certified and highly-skilled professionals we have what it takes to effectively remove water from flooded areas. With the use of specialized equipment and methods that have been tried and tested, Rapid Dry’s process ensures all floodwater in your home is removed. Here’s how we handle it:


Standing water creates more damage every second if left alone. Rapid Dry responds immediately by sending one of our water damage experts to conduct a thorough inspection of the situation and we determine the most efficient and effective strategies for tackling your unique situation.

Damaged Materials Removal & Packout

Using the information gained through our inspection, we devise a plan for best proceeding. Our technicians will get started removing damaged materials and packing out your belongings to a safe, secure location while we finish the work.

Water Extraction

Next, we prioritize removing all of the standing water with the help of submersible pumps and heavy-duty industrial wet/dry vacuums! It is critical to remove as much water from your home as possible to prevent further damage.

Drying & Dehumidification

Once all the excess water has been extracted we can begin drying the area and removing excess moisture. We use industrial fans and dehumidifiers to remove any hidden moisture hiding in cracks and crevices. This step is important in ensuring no mold or bacteria will grow after the water has been removed.

Final Inspection

To finish up the process we do a final check of the area to make sure that no moisture remains. Once we are sure that everything dry we walk through the site to ensure your satisfaction and double check our work.

Our Services

We Offer More Than Just Water Extraction

We Offer Water Extraction Services Near You

Getting water cleared out of your home or office as quickly as possible is critical to minimizing damage. That’s why rapid Dry has a 24-hour hotline and an expanded service area. Wondering if we can help you with extracting water? Check out below if we operate near you!