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Water Leak Cleanup Service in Buffalo, NY

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Rapid Dry Makes Water Leak Cleanup Simple

Water seepage is a common problem that many homeowners face. This can occur when water enters your property through cracks, holes or broken pipes. Though leaks may not appear to be a huge issue they can evolve into a much large problem if left unchecked.

When water accumulates in spaces, like your basement, your home or office is more susceptible to structural deterioration. Let Rapid Dry handle your water leaks cleanup! Our certified staff knows the best way to handle any standing water to prevent further damage.

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We Provide The Best Water Leak Cleanup

Removing water seepage from your home or office requires expert knowledge. Without the right tools and experience you can miss small areas that are riddled with standing water and moisture. This could lead to:

  • Wood Rot

  • Mold & mildew

  • Water contamination

  • Drawing water-loving insects, vermin, & pest infestation

  • Waterborne illnesses, viruses, & disease-causing bacteria

We do a thorough job every time so none of these issues plague your property!

Rapid Dry is the premier water leak cleanup specialist. We have a broad experience in providing effective water damage solutions that are designed to help both residential and commercial properties cleanup any and all water leaks. Our fully licensed and IICRC technicians employ the best strategies and use the latest equipment to locate the source of your water seepage problem and repair even the worst plumbing leaks fast!

We also minimize the development of mold and other waterborne contaminants by dehumidifying the area. This extra step improves the air quality after a leak and ensures a healthy and odor free environment. 

Why Our Water Leak Cleanup Process Is The Best

Leak Inspection

Rapid Dry will immediately send out a water damage professional to inspect and evaluate the cause and severity of the leak.

Water Leak Repair

Our first objective when dealing with a leak is to stop it. We turn off the water and begin to address the cause directly. Whether it’s a busted pipe, a loose fitting, or excessive corrosion on the material we take care of it for you.


It’s essential to remove any standing water quickly to prevent any further damage to your property.

Water Damage Cleanup

Water leaks often leave behind damaged materials and large messes. The next priority for us is to safely remove any materials that have been heavily saturated or irreparably damaged.

 Depending on where the leak originated from the water that came from it could be toxic. Rapid Dry takes every precaution to protect your health by sanitizing and decontaminating the area. 

Drying & Dehumidifying

With the area sanitized and the standing water removed the last step of the process will be to completely dry and dehumidify the affected area. This is a critical step for inhibiting mold growth. We specifically utilize industrial air blowers and dehumidifiers to complete this task quickly.

Our Services

We Offer More Than Just Water Leak Cleanup

We Offer Water Leak Cleanup Near You

When water leaks occur in your home or office Rapid Dry will be there as soon as possible to protect your property and ensure more severe issues don’t arise. We offer free quotes and a quick response. Check out our service areas to see if we can help you today!