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Preventing A Fire in Your Home

Preventing A Fire In Your Home

A fire in your home can mean tragedy for many reasons. Your home is filled with the most important things in your life; your memories, pets, and most importantly, your family.Preventing a fire can be as easy as making sure your stove is turned off. Sometimes nothing can be done to prevent a fire, but with a few tips, you may be able to stop something horrible from happening.

Turn Your Stove Off – A small accident can send your home up in flames in a matter of minutes. By checking to make sure you turned your stove off everytime you leave your house, you will be able to have peace of mind that your house will be okay.

Unplug – Make sure that when you are done with your curling iron, that you turn it off, or better yet, pull the plug out of the wall. This will make it easier to remember that you turned it off because it takes a more active thought to pull something out of the wall than it does to remember if you turned it off.

Blow Out The Candles – Having a good smelling house is a great feeling, but leaving a candle lit when you leave the house is a bad idea. It just takes one small event to happen to potentially catch something else on fire and come home from work to a house that is burned to the ground.

Pay attention to the items in your home. If it is something that gets hot, make sure it is turned off or blown out before you leave. If you do end up having a fire and need someone to help get your home back to normal, give Performance Plus a call at 585-252-5929.

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