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Consequences of Neglected Water Damage

Consequences Of Neglected Water Damage

When you notice signs of water damage in your home but choose to ignore them, you are creating the possibility of even worse damage. Not getting to the bottom of such a problem immediately can lead to even bigger issues, which will cost you more.

Failure to take action on water damage as soon as you see it can lead to:

  • Mold growth – Molds thrive on moisture and if you leave damp spots alone, molds will grow on them. Along with the musty smell and unsightly spots that come with mold growth is the health hazard they bring. Mold spores can trigger respiratory ailments, allergic reactions, rashes, and even more serious diseases.
  • Electrical issues – Water damage on your floor, ceiling, or wall could lead to an electrical fire. Excess water could also ruin appliances because of short-circuiting or cause electrocution if the water damage reaches your wiring.
  • Bacterial growth – When you see water damage on your floor, this may be hiding a bigger problem underneath. If a puddle has formed underneath your floorboards, it can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. This can put you and your family at risk for serious illnesses, particularly if the cause of such water damage is dirty sewer water or toilet overflow.
  • Structural damage – This is one of the worst results of neglected water damage. Ignoring a leak or signs of a leak n your home may result in the weakening of some of your home’s walls, floors, roof, and even its foundation.

What to Do When You Notice Water Damage

As soon as you see signs of a leak or drip that can lead to water damage, get to the bottom of this problem immediately. Turn off your water main, investigate where the water damage comes from, and contact Performance Plus as soon as possible. We are the company to trust for water damage solutions to homes in Rochester and Buffalo, NY.

Aside from water damage restoration, we can also help you with mold remediation and content restoration. We can also help you take care of basement flooding, dehumidification, and sewage removal. All you need to do is to contact us at 585-252-5929 and schedule a free estimate for your repair and restoration needs.

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