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What to do in a water emergency

What To Do In A Water Emergency

Have you Ever Experienced a Water Emergency At Home? This includes burst pipes, overflown toilets or sinks, leaking washing machines, and any sort of indoor flooding. Do you know that there are a few steps you can take to minimize the damage until a repair and cleanup crew can arrive? Today we will discuss a few ways you can handle some basic home water emergencies. 

Turn Off The Water

If you experience a water emergency that happens due to a plumbing mishap, it is essential that you remember to shut off the source of the water. If you have a sink, toilet, or appliance flooding, chances are that you can turn off the water with a valve located near the area. turning off this valve should stop the water, but allow you to use water in other areas of the house. If a main line has burst, or if you have a broken pipe elsewhere, you will likely need to shut off the water to the house. Your main water line valve is locate outside the home, either close to the side of your home, or even out close to the curb. Turning this off will stop all water flow into your home, which can prevent further flooding.

Begin Drying Immediately

Once the source of water has been stopped, give us a call at 585-252-5929, and set to work drying what you can. Look for any furniture that has been affected, as well as any areas that aren’t completely flooded. Often, serious water damage is caused by allowing the water to sit for too long, so drying up any areas that you can with blankets and towels will minimize the damage.

Move What You Can

Knowing that your help is on the way, you may also want to move items if you have a flooded area. Moving furniture out of the room can save it from unnecessary damage, as well as make cleanup easier later on.

Water emergencies are never fun, but when life throws you a curve ball, staying calm and working fast can help you avoid major damages. If you find yourself faced with a water emergency, give us a call at 585-252-5929 for fast and affordable cleanup solutions!

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