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Hurricane Preparation Tips for Your Home

Hurricane Preparation Tips For Your Home

In all likelihood, your home represents your largest investment. If it lies in the path of a major storm, you’ll want to do everything to can to secure your home against damage. Thanks to modern weather reporting, we normally have some time to prepare for major disasters like hurricanes. The next time you find yourself in the path of a dangerous storm, practice these hurricane preparation tips.

Review Your Insurance

Before the storm hits, make sure that your insurance will cover the full cost of a rebuild. Many policies will compensate for the value of the home, which may or may not cover the actual cost to rebuild. Next, take an inventory of your property to determine what you own and its total value. You can also take the opportunity to consider additional flood insurance.

Secure Your Roof

Your roof presents the biggest vulnerability throughout a storm. If it becomes compromised or fails, your home will suffer major damage. If possible, schedule an inspection before the storm to review and repair any weak spots such as missing shingles or previous wind damage.

Seal Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors have seals to prevent the intrusion of wind and rain. These can deteriorate over time, however, and should get checked before a major storm. You can likely reinforce the seals yourself to prevent sideways rain from entering your home.

These are just a few suggestions for hurricane preparation. You may also want to clear your lawn of any furniture or loose objects, secure your carport and porches, and reinforce your garage door. After the storm, if you live near Rochester or Buffalo, NY, you can count on Performance Plus for all disaster-related repairs. Feel free to call us at 585-252-5929 with any questions.

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